Stage Three: Advanced Clinical Training


Building on your Stage Two training, this final year focuses on extending your knowledge and skills to support Psychotherapeutic change. You will develop the techniques and clinical understanding you need to work at a deeper level, helping people to make positive change, and you will reflect upon and consolidate your identity as a TA psychotherapist.

At the end of the year, you will have completed your formal TA training and be eligible to continue towards your CTA exam and qualification as a UKCP registered psychotherapist.

I couldn't wait to start this year with Lisa and Patrick. I knew it would consolidate my previous learning and also give me a more contemporary perspective on TA.

Kate Mottram

What does Stage 3 cover?

Over eleven weekends, the course covers subjects such as:

  • The mental health system in the UK and working with diagnostic manuals
  • Deconfusion of the Child ego state
  • Working intersubjectively in the ‘here and now’
  • Intergenerational trauma and epigenetics
  • Cumulative impact of trauma and the neuroception of safety
  • Schizoid, Borderline and Narcissistic defences
  • Recovery from pathological relationships and co-dependency
  • Dreams, metaphors and interpretations
  • Maintaining your professional psychotherapy identify and developing your career

In addition to the submission of a final supervisor’s report, you will need to complete two x 2500 word essays as well as a presentation reflecting on your identity as a psychotherapist.

What outcomes can I expect?

Successful completion of this year completes your formal TA training at academic level 7 and you can now move towards your Certified Transactional Analyst exam. When you are ready to take this final step to becoming a psychotherapist, explore our ​CTA Exam Preparation Programme​ to see how we can help support you at this exciting and challenging time.

Why attend?

Anyone who has met criteria for a final year of TA training and who wants to become a UKCP registered Psychotherapist and Certified Transactional Analyst. This would also include those who qualified as TA counsellors some time ago, and who now wish to resume their studies and move towards qualification as a TA psychotherapist.

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Length: 11 weekends over one academic year

Date for this course are:

24th & 25th September 2022

22nd & 23rd October

26th & the 27th November

17th & 18th December

28th & 29th January 2023

25th & 26th February

25th & 26th March

29th & 30th April

27th & 28th May

24th & 25th June

22nd & 23rd July

Cost: £2,725

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