John Maxwell

Whilst juggling the demands of a challenging leadership role, John’s interest in transactional analysis led him to complete a four year part-time training in TA psychotherapy.  His continuing passion for learning, his love of TA and his interest in organisational development propelled him into further training and to undertaking a MSc in Organisational Transactional Analysis. 

John uses TA concepts and principles to great success in the ongoing professional development of staff, encouraging them to develop their potential. He has also supported and mentored other headteachers, and run training programmes for senior leaders. 

John loves to teach whenever the demands of his role allow, and he has also enjoyed delivering training for other TA training providers, before becoming a founder director of Connexus. 

John’s wealth of experience in learning, development and management , whether that be of an individual, a team or an establishment, builds on his extensive TA knowledge, and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature; a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education; and the National Professional Qualification for Headship.