Our Mission Statement

Our vision, mission and values:

Our Vision:

Our vision for the Connexus Institute is to deliver excellence in training, preparation and ongoing support for Certified Transactional Analysts of different fields and for counsellors and psychotherapists across a range of modalities and philosophies.

Our vision for the community / human environment is one where the mental, physical, emotional and social health and success of individuals and organisations is valued and supported by highly trained and effective professionals.

Our Mission:

  • to offer training, support and learning of the highest quality
  • to provide trainees with a theoretical and practical framework upon which they can base professional and ethical practice in their chosen area of work
  • to offer a comprehensive choice of ongoing professional development within a supportive and inclusive environment
  • to provide accessible and effective educational and clinical services to the wider community
  • to contribute to the growth and development of Transactional Analysis.

Our Values:

  • integrity: practising ethically, responsibly and honestly
  • respect: holding and maintaining an ‘I’m OK, You’re OK’ position
  • excellence: delivering the highest quality teaching, supervision and support for all our members
  • independence: supporting everyone to think and decide for themselves.