Dr Helena Hargaden

As a Literature graduate, Helena Hargaden has been interested in human motivation and meaning all her life. Finding that teaching did not satisfy this need in her, she became interested in psychotherapy. She researched different models of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy trainings, eventually choosing Transactional Analysis because it offered a humanistic model with the underlying principle that power lies within the client.

In 2007, Helena was one of the recipients of the Eric Berne Memorial Award for the Domains of Transference, which recognised the evolutionary movement towards relational theory in transactional analysis. Her most recent publication reflects the major theoretical changes within TA, as we move through the 21st century.

Published books by Helena:

  • 2002​ Transactional Analysis: A Relational Perspective – Advancing Theory in Therapy
  • 2002​ Ego States - (Key Concepts in Transactional Analysis) (co-edited with Charlotte Sills)
  • 2005​ From Transactions to Relations – the emergence of a Relational Tradition in Transactional Analysis (co-edited with William Cornell)
  • 2015​ The Art of Relational Supervision: Clinical Implications of The Use of Self in Group Supervision
  • 2019​ The Evolution of Relational Paradigms in Transactional Analysis: What's the Relationship Got to Do With It? (co-edited with William Cornell)