Business & Organisations

Thriving on challenge.

A successful company in today’s world of instant decision making, superfast technologies and ever changing market conditions puts people and relationships at its heart. The ability to lead, communicate, problem solve and create are key skills in maximising the potential of every organisation.

Our fast paced world of changing global national and local conditions constantly challenge businesses and organisations to the limit, requiring their leaders and teams to adapt, be creative and embrace change if they are to thrive and grow. This is where our extensive experience and expertise comes to the fore.

Experience and Expertise

At Connexus we have a wealth of leadership experience, knowledge and skills at national and international level and across a broad range of business sectors, organisations and industries. We understand that those who have the skills to grow a company or organisation, may differ from those that know how to maintain growth in the face of challenge, and we are specialists in understanding what supports or limits an individual, team or company. 

Creatively Solution Focussed

Our expertise in Transactional Analysis and knowledge within the fields of neuroscience and psychology allows Connexus to offer you exciting and dynamic business solutions.

Watch Vince explain how TA helps within a business setting

You could easily lose yourself in books, articles and theories about leadership and organisations. TA, however, takes some really advanced ideas and presents them in concise, accessible ways that really help.

Vince Braint, Senior Business Executive