Educational Consultancy

Education at every level is under constant pressure from ever changing government frameworks, policies and directives, constant assessments and budget restrictions, to the changing needs and expectations of staff, students and parents. 

Whatever challenges your school, university or educational facility faces, Connexus is here to support your organisation with our wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience of working in education. 

Understanding the challenges facing today’s educators

All three of our Directors are highly respected within their respective fields of education with key leadership experience across universities, schools and training establishments, enabling us to deliver high-quality, focussed and relevant consultancy.

Whether you are restructuring your institution, focusing on staff retention and morale, responding to league tables or perceived value for money, the challenges in managing or teaching in educational establishments can be many and varied.  

We can help you to map the needs of teams and individuals at any level and bring a psychological-based approach to improve the ways you work – for the benefit of governors, senior leadership teams, discrete departments, staff and students.

A broad range of educational consultancy services

From individual days through to bespoke packages tailored to your unique needs, our consultancy services include:

  • Advice and consultancy on a range of issues including curriculum design, effective assessment, evaluation and action planning
  • Advice and support for senior and middle leaders
  • Coaching and supervision
  • Governor training
  • Support with inspections and accreditations (e.g. Ofsted, Accreditation UK)
  • Data analysis

We can help to influence the quality of leadership, performance management, relationships and communications, to help your organisation work more efficiently and effectively.

Watch Nancy explain how TA helps within an education setting

TA gives us a rich language to understand what's going on in the relational space between people during the education and learning process.

Nancy Dalton, Organisational Trainer