Psychology-based Consultancy

Using TA and other psychologies to power your organisation.

What makes Connexus consultancy so intriguingly different, is our expertise in human relationships, communication, and change.

Our qualified organisational consultants have first-hand experience of working in a wide range of sectors in both in house and consultancy roles.  Their expertise includes OD, L&D, executive and team coaching as well as leadership development. They  speak your language and work with you in uncovering a deeper understanding of the issues you face to find a way forward that achieves the results you want.  They respond quickly but invest time in building the relationships needed to create sustainable change. 

Our consultancy is based on our specialist expertise: understanding the complexities of human relationships, the intricacies and subtleties of human communication, and the human potential for growth and positive change.

However good your product, your service or your expertise, it is people that drive or limit your business, organisation or establishment, and it is our in-depth knowledge of them that drives our approach.

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