Karen Minikin

Karen Minikin is a counsellor, psychotherapist and a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst with a practice in Devon and West Somerset. She teaches psychotherapy at a number of training institutes within the UK and Europe and has presented at national and international conferences. She is interested in the conscious and unconscious dynamics of power, politics and relational dynamics across all four fields of Transactional Analysis, though her writing focuses on the psychotherapy field.

Previously, she edited the race and culture column for the BACP journal (the “CPJ”) and she has contributed a chapter in "Relational TA: Principles in Practice", ed. Fowlie and Sills (2011) and has co-written a chapter with Keith Tudor in “Transactional Analysis in Contemporary Psychotherapy”, ed. Erskine, (2015). She is an associate editor to both Psychotherapy and Politics International and the Transactional Analysis Journal and has contributed articles to both journals.