Working in the healthcare system can be a deeply rewarding career and yet bring its own unique challenges. Along with the demands of running organisations and services there is the need to balance patient needs with financial considerations, staff availability and resources.

At Connexus we understand that ever increasing specialisation can also lead to collegial support across disciplines being difficult to access, as time, political, social and operational pressures take precedence.

This is where our specialist expertise can help.

Appreciating the challenge

Dealing with sensitive issues, with vulnerable patients, families or clients across a diverse range of subjects and across a myriad of health, social, emotional, physical wellbeing and mental health issues, we know that the challenges can be profound.

Our experience of individuals working in this sector, is that the wish to care for the needs of others often drives people to expect huge amounts of themselves, to the detriment of their own self care, health and mental wellbeing.

This means that the quality of leadership, performance management, relationships and effective communications are key to navigating the conflicting demands of working in healthcare - all areas we specialise in.

People as the driving force

As well our wealth of leadership and performance management experience, at Connexus we are also specialists in transactional analysis, with expertise in human personality, the complexities of individual and group relationships, communication and motivation.

The driving force of this sector is the people that work in it and their driving force to help others. We can offer you different perspectives and approaches to support clinicians, managers , individuals, groups and teams in your organisation for the benefit of staff and patients. We can offer a TA 101 for the medical profession.

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Watch Helen explain how TA helps within a healthcare setting

As a theory of relationships, communication and personality, TA lends itself to General Practice. It has improved and deepened my communication with patients and colleagues.