The Taboo of Sex


Welcome to our exclusive workshop dedicated to exploring the complexities of sex and intimacy, led by esteemed sexual therapist and author Emma (Em) Waring. With over two decades of experience in sexual medicine, Em is a beacon of knowledge and compassion in the field, striving to normalise discussions around sexual health and functioning.

Sexual issues are pervasive, affecting individuals and couples across all walks of life. Yet, despite their prevalence, they often remain hidden beneath layers of shame and embarrassment. As counsellors and therapists, we possess a unique opportunity to break through these barriers, offering support and guidance to those navigating these challenges.

What does the workshop cover?

Throughout this comprehensive workshop, you will delve into a myriad of topics, shedding light on common sexual problems and the many different factors that contribute to them. From exploring the intricacies of sexual functioning to addressing issues such as erectile dysfunction, sexual pain, and difficulties with orgasm, Em will equip you with a sound understanding of these complex dynamics. Using case studies and vignettes, Em will provide practical insights you can apply directly to your therapeutic practice.

Central to Em's approach is introducing a simple yet effective traffic light system designed to guide discussions and identify appropriate interventions for clients. Whether introducing self-help strategies or recognising the need for specialised care from a GP or sex therapist, this framework will empower you to navigate these conversations with confidence and clarity.

What outcomes can I expect?

This workshop isn't just about acquiring knowledge; it's about fostering growth and transformation in your practice. Whether you're seeking to enhance your confidence in addressing sexual issues with clients or considering specialisation in psychosexual therapy, this immersive experience will leave you better equipped to make a profound difference in the lives of those you serve.

You'll receive a Connexus Institute certificate in Ongoing Professional Development (12 CPD hours) upon completing the workshop.

Join us as we embark on this journey together, breaking down barriers and fostering a more open and inclusive dialogue around sex and intimacy.

Please Note: This workshop does not cover sub-specialties like gender identity or sex addiction.


Dates: Sat 9th &Sun 10th Nov 2024

Length: 2 days

Times: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Mode: In-Person in Hove

Cost: £275 (inclusive of VAT)

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Meet the course leader

Emma Waring

Emma was awarded the Nursing Times ‘Rising Star Award ’ in 2004, gaining national and international recognition for her work setting up a pioneering clinic treating erectile dysfunction in cardiac patients, at Guys and St Thomas Hospital’s. She is a highly regarded Psychosexual and Relationship specialist. In 2018 Emma also became a published author on the subject of sex and intimacy. Her extensive knowledge and easily accessible approach gives our Connexus students access to a specialist understanding and skills of working with the sensitivities of sex, sexual difficulties, and their impact on relationships.

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