Shame is in the Air, Everywhere I Look Around


"Shame is in the air, everywhere I look around. Shame is in the air, through every encounter that I've found.…"

Shame is both debilitating and a frequent presence in the therapeutic space. Understanding shame is a core aspect of relational psychotherapy. It's often elusive and challenging to discuss as a painful relational experience. The presence of shame can hinder therapists from entering the client's internal world. Developing a deeper understanding of shame enables therapists to access that internal world and articulate an essential narrative about the phenomenological experience of shame. This one-day workshop, led by Mandy Atkinson, will focus on working with shame in the therapy room through a relational lens, featuring numerous client case examples.

What's Included in the Workshop?

The one-day, online experiential workshop will specifically explore an understanding of the relational psychotherapy of shame, covering:

  • Relevant relational and TA theory and concepts, drawing on the work of Cornell, Shadbolt, Nathanson, and De Young to explore the phenomenological experience of shame.
  • Examining challenging relational dynamics and repeating relationship patterns in working with shame, including the challenges of addressing countertransference from the Hargaden and Sills relational perspective.
  • Understanding how clients might respond when shame presents itself.
  • Exploring the nature and types of shame.
  • Identifying the symptoms of shame and working creatively with it when it arises.
  • Assessing for shame and recognising evidence of shame in therapeutic work.
  • Strategies for addressing shame when it occurs in your client.
  • Understanding the recurring pattern of shame in relationships and its origins.
  • Exploring ruptures, endings, and mistakes in therapy.
  • Consider ‘how to’ address shame when it occurs in your client and attend to relational repair and relatedness
  • Introducing and working relationally with shame through case examples demonstrating how to work with and through shame in practice.

What Will this Workshop Provide?

This training is suitable for intermediate and advanced students and qualified counselling and psychotherapy professionals seeking to enhance knowledge, confidence, and practical ability to work with shame from a relational perspective in therapy. It offers an in-depth exploration and insight into addressing shame in your therapy practice.

You will receive a Connexus Institute certificate of Ongoing Professional Development and be awarded 6 hours of CPD.

Additionally, there will be opportunities to attend a post-event Shame-focused Supervision & CPD Workshop. This workshop offers live relational supervision and in-depth discussions of concepts introduced during the one-day course. It is held online on a Saturday morning.

Date: Fri 24th January 2025

Length: 1 day

Times: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Mode: In-Person and In-Room

Cost: £100


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Meet your Course Leader

Mandy Atkinson

Mandy Atkinson RGN, MA, Cert.Ed. (post compulsory) CeLTT, Dip Couns, Dip Sup, CTA (P), PTSTA (P) UKCP Reg Psychotherapist. Mandy Atkinson is a highly respected psychotherapist, PTSTA, experienced teacher, supervisor, and author with extensive experience in providing psychotherapy to clients dealing with chronic shame. Her specialisation lies in psychotherapy related to eating, shape, and weight issues. She has recently published in the Transactional Analysis Journal. Her integrative and relational approach draws from relational transactional analysis and relational psychotherapy. Her unique perspective on shame stems from a combination of her clinical knowledge and her personal experience of shame.

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