Couples Case Study Workshop

Connexus Institute is delighted to offer the opportunity for some transformative CPD in the form of day-long, 6-hour couples case study workshops.

Whether you are new to working with couples or an experienced couples therapist, these professional days are designed for you to come together to elevate your practice under the expert guidance of Annette Jones, a highly respected therapist with over 20 years of experience in the field.

Through an exploration of your own clinical work, you will enhance your ability for:

Structured Case Presentation: how to effectively describe couples, present their cases, and articulate your therapeutic approach in a structured and engaging format. This skill enriches your ability to communicate with colleagues and empowers you to engage clients more effectively, fostering a deeper understanding of their needs.

Theory-Practice Integration - how the theories you've adopted apply to your practice. Explore the rationale behind your choices and create meaningful connections between theory and real-world application. By delving into the theory-practice ‘nexus' through group supervision, you'll learn new insights and enhance your existing abilities in applying theory to your practice.

Mentalisation - techniques that allow you to think about your own thinking, enriching your ability to understand and connect with your clients on a deeper level. Enhanced mentalisation fosters empathy and helps you navigate complex emotional terrain, ensuring you learn new skills and improve your existing ones.

Understanding Couple Dynamics - the intricate dynamics of couples, identifying splits, shared defences, hidden agendas, and the driving forces behind the resolution of earlier conflicts. You'll acquire the tools and strategies to navigate these complexities effectively through group supervision with colleagues, promoting healthier and more fulfilling client relationships while enhancing your existing abilities.

Psycho-Education - identifying valuable psycho-educational elements that can empower and support the couples you work with, providing them with the tools they need for positive change. Learn how to impart knowledge and insights that enable couples to make informed decisions and foster personal growth within their relationships while enhancing your existing psycho-education abilities.

Effective Supervision - explore the significance of supervision in your practice and gain insights into how to provide tangible evidence of its impact in each couple case. By examining effective supervision techniques and outcomes within a group setting, you'll enhance your existing skills in guiding couples towards successful outcomes while ensuring your professional growth.

Length: 1 day

Times: 9:30am to 4:30pm

Mode: In person in Hove

Cost: £120 (inclusive of VAT)

You can tailor your experience by booking one or both workshop days. However, each day's workshop is limited to just 12 participants to ensure an intimate and impactful learning environment.

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Meet your course leaders

Annette Jones

Annette Jones is a highly respected couples’ therapist with over 18 years of experience specialising in working with the challenge and complexities of relationships. Annette works with those who want to improve the quality of their relationships, as well as those facing divorce, separation or relationship crisis. As a trainer, Annette’s energy and passion for this stimulating and rewarding area of therapy shines through as she guides others in how to navigate the sensitivities of infidelity, intimacy, sex, passion, money, arguments, abuse, abandonment and other key issues that arise between couples.

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