We are delighted to offer this opportunity to work with Smart-UK, the training provider of choice for the NHS, HMPS, the Armed Forces and community mental health services.

This dynamic workshop will be a thought-provoking and empowering exploration into the science and true nature of addiction.  This ‘no hocus pocus’ approach to addiction and client recovery was developed by ‘Inspirational Woman of the year 2014’, Sue Cox, and her colleague Dr Kim Wager. Sue, who was also recognised with a “Lifetime’s achievement” award for her contribution to addiction treatment, will be leading this workshop.

About the course

Over two days you will look in detail at the wonders and power of the target organ of any addiction, i.e. the brain, explore current “misconceptions“ about addiction and treatment and look at ‘up-to-the-minute’ neuroscience all translated into easy, accessible language.

Day One:

  • The structure of the brain
  • How neurons and neurotransmitters work
  • ‘Pleasure’ - why is it important?
  • How addiction triggers work
  • How epigenetic changes occur
  • The positive aspect of addiction!

Day Two:

  • What works and what does not, and why
  • How can you make a real difference?
  • A holistic approach to addiction and mental health
  • Incorporating this knowledge into your existing skills
  • A Five Star well-being approach

What outcomes can I expect?

This exciting and innovative approach believes that empowerment of the individual is key to restoration and you will gain: powerful ‘tools’ to support change; insights into the addictive brain and how its power can be transformed and consider how this knowledge can easily be used to support other mental health conditions. You will receive a Connexus Institute ‘Ongoing Professional Development’ certificate for 12 hours, and a Smart-UK certificate of attendance.

Cost: £220

Length: 2 days

Dates: Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th July 2021. 9:30am to 4:30pm

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Meet your course leader

Sue Cox

Sue Cox, BSc. Lic.Ac.M.B.Ac.C. Director-Founder of SMART-UK and co-founder of Survivors Voice Europe, Sue is a teacher, author, counsellor and acupuncturist who has trained over 20,000 health care professionals. She is a regular speaker at international conferences, with TV, Radio and documentary contributions. Sue and her colleague Dr Kim Wager are co-authors of two books on addiction, the second of which, ‘Celebrating the power of the addictive brain’ will be published this year.

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